The Okmulgee Historical Society was founded in 2008 by citizens who wished to recognize the historic homes of Okmulgee.  Since then,  the Society has expanded its' interest to include the downtown Historic district and other historical properties listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. 



​The Society engages in many activities.  Besides the monthly meetings held the first Tuesday at 6:00 in the Mabrey Bank conference room, the Society has held historic home tours of significant homes, seminars, and works with other organizations on events.  In 2016, the Society hopes to print new brochures for walking/driving tours. ​Activities

​The Society will archive records, photos, and other smaller items that are historically significant.  Records of historic persons can be accessed at the Okmulgee Public Library in the Genealogy room. 

Okmulgee is the seat of the Creek Indian Nation.  The  Creek Council House, once the tribal government base, is situated in the center of the Okmulgee downtown Plaza.  In the early 1900s, oil barons caused a building boom of great homes and downtown buildings and schools, many of which are still standing.

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